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Animation: The Medial Ball-and-Socket Philosophy
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Animation: The Medial Ball-and-Socket Philosophy

Natural Asymmetry, Complete Stability and Full Mobilisation

The original medial ball-and-socket total knee replacement series is based on the principle of the medially stable natural knee, demonstrated widely in today’s scientific literature.

The Medial Rotation Knee™ and SAIPH® Knee designs replicate the healthy knee’s natural symmetry in the tibiofemoral articulation and the patellofemoral articulation. The knees are inherently stable throughout flexion, like the normal knee, while simultaneously allowing a full range of movement. The full and natural movement is enabled with physiological patella tracking and freedom for the lateral tibiofemoral articulation to track posteriorly when required, including for high flexion. Anterior sliding, which is observed in alternative knee designs on one or both tibiofemoral condyles, does not occur with the MatOrtho® medial ball and socket knees.

Our uniquely complete design philosophy has a history of over 20 years’ clinical success, with better activity scores, higher rates of patient satisfaction and better survivorship rates than other knee designs.

For further information on each knee, please visit the Medial Rotation Knee™ and SAIPH® Knee System product pages.




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