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MHRA Guidance on metal-on-metal (MoM) hip replacements: updated advice for follow-up patients

Thursday, August 17, 2017

As a responsible manufacturer MatOrtho® supports this guidance and for extra clarity we provide the following notes for anyone wishing to know more:

1. MHRA has issued guidance MDA/2017/018 for following all patients with MoM hip devices including the ADEPT® Resurfacing devices supplied by MatOrtho®. MDA/2017/018 is an update to previous guidance and is not new guidance. It can be found here 

2. Advice from MHRA is independently reviewed clinical advice and reviewers have access to the National Joint Registry, which is one of the largest databases in the world.

3. MDA/2017/018 covers both Large Diameter Head MoM Total Hip Replacement devices and MoM Resurfacing devices. Whilst there is general confusion in linking these two types of devices which have different failure modes, MDA/2017/018 specifically identifies ADEPT as one of only two MoM Resurfacing devices with an ODEP 10A rating.

4. Manufacturers are invited to submit clinical data to ODEP for independent review against published criteria. ODEP also has access to National Joint Registry data for all devices implanted in England and Wales.

5. MatOrtho advises that surgeons should follow the advice of their local orthopaedic association in determining appropriate levels of follow up for patients that have received ADEPT® implants. If no local advice is available, surgeons should make themselves aware of MDA/2017/018.

The ADEPT® Hip Resurfacing from MatOrtho® continues to perform well and is used by a number of surgeons worldwide; it should not be confused with any other metal on metal hip devices.





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